Adapters - C#

An adapter is a shorthand term for "Adapted Output". 

In those compositions where the output from one component needs to go to the input of another component and the output does not match the input in spatial or temporal terms the output can be modified by an adapter (hence "Adapted Output") so that it matches the required input (via interpolation or some other process). 

Some interpolations are provided as part of the FluidEarth SDK but you may easily design and build your own.

In much the same way that components are stored in a component library, adapters are produced when required from an adapter "factory".  So the first step is to build a device which can tell Pipistrelle what adapters are available in the library and how to create them. This device is called an adapter factory and the one we shall build will be called FluidEarthTutorial_AdapterFactory.dll.  Follow the instructions for building an adapter factory .