The new Adapter - C#

We're now going to consider designing a more useful adapter to accompany our new improved Pond component.

Our new Pond component can have boundaries of any length. Connecting two Pond component boundaries together may lead to a situation where Pond #1 has - for example - 10 nodes on its Eastern boundary but Pond #2 has only 5 nodes on its Western boundary. What to do?

Part II Adapter Problem

We're going to improve our adapter so it will take the output set of elements from Pond #1 and interpolate the values to the input set of Pond #2 so that each value on Pond #2's Western boundary will be the the sum of all values on Pond #1's Eastern boundary divided by the number of nodes in Pond #2's Western boundary.

If you want to copy the appropriate source files (rather than copy and paste or type the changes) to your existing FluidEarthTutorial_AdapterFactory project follow the instructions in this video Click to view video of this step and then go on to examine the changes in detail below...

This will involve:

Once you have made these changes and rebuilt your AdapterFactory, you can create a new composition with Pipistrelle and see how to connect two Pond components with different sized borders using this adapter...