Component Builder

Component Builder aims to make the wrapping of existing component model engines easier.  Coding and compiling an OpenMI component using a procedural programming language like C# may be time consuming and complex.  Component Builder allows the user to specify the attributes of their model component in a non-procedural manner.

In practice, this means that if you have a (say) FORTRAN component that you wish to wrap as an Open MI component you can use the Component Builder user interface to generate a C# wrapper for your FORTRAN component, hence avoiding having to write the C# code wrapper directly.

The user describes the component to be wrapped using the Component Builder user interface. They then tell the Component Builder to produce a .OMI file for use in Pipistrelle. 

A .OMI file produced by the Component Builder does not directly reference the model component assembly or dll itself, as is otherwise the case. Rather, it creates another file (with the extension .FCS) to accompany the .OMI file.

It is the .FCS file itself which provides Pipistrelle with all the information it needs to locate and execute the assembly or native library in which the component model engine resides..

This effectively substitutes the task of coding and compiling an OpenMI component with one of editing a XML markup file with a .FCB extension (a FluidEarth Component Builder file). The editing of this file is done via the Component Builder user interface. 

To see what happens when you run the Component Builder, click here.