Build a composition with two components and a simple adapter

Connect two components with an adapter

This section looks at connecting two components in a composition but modifying the output of one so it is suitable for input to the other.

Using our previous example of Pond #1 connecting to Pond #2, we're going to adapt the output from Pond #1 before it gets to Pond #2 using the adapter developed in Part I of your chosen language tutorial.

Part I Composition using adapter

This adapter simply multiplies the output by 10 (in effect in this case converting centilitres to millilitres).

FollFollow the instructions in this video Click to view instructions on building and running a composition with two components and a simple adapter to build and run a composition using this adapter. (Please note: this video caters for a number of different versions of Pipistrelle with very slightly different interfaces.  Although certain details may vary this will make no material difference to what you are doing). Also note that the Table icon button, clicked to edit connections, has been replaced with an Edit menu item.

We'll start a new composition like the one you built in the Connect two components in a composition  section. 

You can then move on to Part II of your chosen language tutorial or Part II of the Compositions section...