Build a simple composition with the Part II 2d component

Compositions - Part II - A simple composition

This section will show you how to build a composition with a single instance of our (slightly) more advanced 2d Pond component.

FollFollow the instructions in this video to build and run a composition using the new Pond (note: you will have to have followed the instructions for building a better Pond component in Part II  before running this) -   Click to view instructions on building and running a composition with a 2d component. (Please note: this video caters for a number of different versions of Pipistrelle with very slightly different interfaces.  Although certain details may vary this will make no material difference to what you are doing).

Once complete you can then go on to the next section to :HyperLink ID="HyperLink1" runat="server" NavigateUrl="~/Compositions/Part II/Compositions_P2_ConnectTwoComponents.aspx">connect two 2d Pond components together in a composition...