Configure your development environment

The first step of the FluidEarth tutorial process is to decide where on your system you will install the FluidEarth software.  We recommend for the purposes of this tutorial that you create a directory called FluidEarth and install the software there.  The installer will install all the necessary files into the directory you choose.

Once you have decided where to install the software, go to the FluidEarth sourceforge download  page and follow the instructions for installing version 2.2 of Pipistrelle including the FluidEarth SDK. This will install:

  •  the FluidEarth OMI 2.0 development tools and libraries for building model components and the Pipistrelle OMI 2.0 GUI application for building and running compositions

Once you have successfully installed the FluidEarth software you can download and install the files needed for this tutorial by clicking here to download the FluidEarthTutorialInstaller zip file.  Run the msi installer in the zip file and follow the instructions. This will install the tutorial files to a directory called FluidEarthTutorialSampleFiles. This will install:

  • the FluidEarth tutorial sample files - these are the files needed to build and run the examples in this tutorial including source files for C# and Fortran and the .OMI files describing the components

When you are satisfied that you have successfully followed the instructions for downloading and installing these items then continue to the next step - designing a simple component...